All companies possess a common denominator; people form it. Those People are responsible for much of the success, and they produce advances and multiple differencing elements thanks to them. Employers are the most valued resource of the company. For this reason if they are poorly directed or have a low motivation level, the potential of the company will be lost.

If human resources have been properly selected of between the possible candidates- employers selection-, they have received the correct formation to develop the work- human resources management-, and they have been integrated in the rest of the organization- management and administration team-, the synergy that is gotten between people and the elements of the company are able to get the most favorable results.

The things that we have mentioned are only some of the strategies that take part of our human resource management in AREA 3. The proper knowledge and a correct integration of all of them (what is the them?), impact highly favorable in the achievements and constant evolution of companies. Only the rest of the resources can be utilized through people. It’s not good to use equipment and economic resources and materials with inadequate staff, bad formed, discouraged and not integrated in the objectives and goals of the company.