The evolution of the companies in the present day markets is complex. They are subject to constant and rapid changes, affecting the activity of all business in the area. All these changes are initiated only on a technological base. For this, a modern, solid and competitive infrastructure is indispensable condition to integrate new technologies becoming adapted to the permanent evolution of the organizations. AREA 3 and FEIJOO, REGO & ASOCIADOS have directed its efforts in this line of business, to design and develop specialized projects for each company to: implement and integrate computer systems and update the existent. AREA 3 develops the following lines of action to determine specific needs of companies in the field of ICT:

  1. Technological consulting, feasibility studies, computerization plans, computer auditing in general and comprehensive services for the adaptation to the rules on security and data protection.
  2. Integrated solutions for financial, commercial and logistic management of Small and Medium companies.
  3. Advanced solutions for managing the customer relationship or monitoring business objectives through scorecarding tools.
  4. Software development for the realization of turnkey projects in the form of software factory following the capability and maturity international models.
  5. Consulting and technical assistance particularly in critical and advanced environments as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, J2EE, .Net.
  6. e-commerce solutions, portal and web pages development, intranets and extranets for companies and institutions.
  7. Payment solutions for use or ASP for different management applications. Hosting services, corporate e-mail, backups, etc.
  8. Technical support services for maintaining and repairing computers and peripherals; installation and maintenance of networks and communication system.